A good friend sent us a heartfelt text about how we should compose a theme for the Millennium Falcon's first flight & instantly felt inspired. We thought about Han entering the launch bay for the first time - all the sights and emotions that captivated him in that moment. The look on his face as he stares in awe of the emotional glimpse into the future, showcasing the adventures that lie ahead. The Falcon with him every step of the way, a fierce and loyal friend eager to soar into the depths of the galaxy. What an amazing bond these two form - that is what we set out to capture. 

We composed this prior to the release of the film but couldn't quite get it done before the movie hit theaters. We haven't seen the movie or heard the original score yet!

0:00 - Entering the launch bay seeing the Falcon for the first time, captivated by the ship
0:34 - Entering the Falcon
0:58 - In awe of the controls (lights flicker on..coming to life)
1:15 - Glimpse into the future (adventures lie ahead)
1:30 - Preparing for takeoff
2:22 - Soaring through the galaxy
3:30 - Returning Home
4:26 - Adventure awaits
4:43 - "Hell of a ship eh Chewy?"