no man's sky


The Beautiful Unknown

Excited to share our theme "The Beautiful Unknown" inspired by the highly anticipated video game "No Man's Sky", by Hello games. If you haven't heard of it, we highly recommend you look into it!

Taken from their website "No Man's Sky is a science-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy." What an awesome idea for a game! Infinite Galaxy!?!? WHAT!? We were instantly intrigued and began to look further into interviews with the team and actual footage of the game. While we did, questions and emotions started to stir inside of us:

  • What's it like to venture out into the endless depths of the universe, to a place that no man has ever seen before?
  • What, or better yet, who...will I encounter??
  • What incredibly beautiful things will I gaze upon and discover?...or would I simply be left disappointed?
  • Will I ever see my family again?

We set out to capture that essence, and all of the emotions and questions that go along with it. Take the journey with us and, as you listen, read what was going through our mind as we wrote "The Beautiful Unknown."

We had our thoughts about what this beautiful unknown looked like, but specifically chose to leave out most of the details. The rest is up to you! Let your emotions go and imagine what's out there! Even better, check out  "No Man's Sky" and see for yourself! The game drops sometime in June. Enjoy!

The Beautiful Unknown 

  • 0:01 - As I walked to the ship, I felt drained. My travels had taken me lightyears away, but I had yet to find a place I could call home. 
  • 0:37 - The bay doors opened, slowly revealing the galaxy in front of me. 
  • 1:07 - If only I could see my family again...
  • 1:42 - I felt utterly alone..
  • 1:52 - but knew I had to continue on,
  • 2:10 - and took off into the universe once again. The stars swirled around me as I reached light speed.
  • 2:29 - And there it into the distance.........a planet. The light struck its surface in such a way that it glistened and stood out amongst the rest..almost as if it called to me. I don't even think I blinked or remembered to breathe..I was completely and utterly captivated. 
  • 3:05 - And then it hit could something this beautiful be out here??
  • 3:42 - Just landed. I sat frozen in my chair..deep in thought about what was out there. 
  • 4:00 - I remember having this strange feeling like I wasn't alone. But I never felt scared. Something inside told me to press on.
  • 4:25 - I could feel my hands sweating as I prepared to open the hatch and thought about my family one last time...closed my eyes..and opened!
  • 4:38 - I couldn't believe what I saw.....and stood in awe as I gazed in front of everything in front of me. I wish I could describe it to you.
  • 5:33 - I knew I was home.
  • 5:52 - I knelt down, put my hands into the dirt...cracked a smile,
  • 6:29 - looked up one last time...
  • 6:34 - and walked into the beautiful unknown


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