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When Dreams Come True



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Carol of the King


Had a blast revisiting a few Christmas staples and adding a bit of Irish flare to them! We are excited to release our score for the Christmas Irish dance show Carol of the King!

Back on tour in 2018!









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The Heart of Adventure


Two brothers see a beautiful light in the distance...what will they find as they dash through the wilderness?

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Star Wars Basketball


Had a blast working with street ball icon  "The Professor" (AND1) on his new series centered around the Star Wars universe! 

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Marty: A Wild West Neverland



An award-winning short film with an all child cast set in the dark and gritty world of Sugarville.  This was our first collaboration with director Vu Hoang

Read more about Marty HERE

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Cry of the King


Let the music take you where it needs to take you, to a place in your heart. Maybe you’ve been sheltered from this place? Or maybe you’ve forgotten what this place is like? Our wish is to take you there...

Read more about Cry of The King Here

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Secret Believers


Our score for the TV pilot "Secret Believers". The show tells the story of those who undergo extreme adversity around the globe as they pursue their calling to help others.

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Finding Dory


What does it feel like to journey across the ocean, not knowing if your family is even out there? The hope she carries sustains her...the hope that someday she will find home.

Don't lose hope Dory, Keep Swimming...

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Rhythm in the Night


We set out to create a new genre of Irish music with our score for RITN. Listen to our music live as they take the stage on their third tour beginning March 12th!

Read more about RITN HERE

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No Man's Sky


What's it like to venture out into the endless depths of the universe, to a place that no man has ever seen or stood before? What or who who will I encounter? Will I be left in awe of the incredible beauty before me or will I be left alone in search of a new home? Take the journey with us into The Beautiful Unknown.

Read more about The Beautiful Unknown HERE


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The Joy of Christmas


Enjoy our piece The Joy of Christmas. May it help you ring in that holiday cheer! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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Let it Go Orchestral Suite


Our goal was to take the theme and use that as inspiration for something new! We wrote what came to our heart and let the song go (no pun intended!!) wherever it needed to! Hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as we did writing it!

Check out the video on youtube

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A Smile For Bow


We were introduced to Bow while scoring Tiny Tears, our first collaboration with director Robert Corna. She is a beautiful little girl from Thailand, who while being HIV positive also has fetal alcohol syndrome which prevented her from smiling. Her dream to smile is captured in this heartwarming documentary. We love Bow, and feel blessed to be a part of her story.

Read more about A Smile For Bow HERE

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Cleveland Browns

2009-2016 NFL Seasons

Here We Go Brownies Here We Go!! Being Cleveland natives it was a treat getting to work with our hometown NFL Cleveland Browns! Writing music for the team we grew up rooting for and hearing our music blast out of First Energy stadium is something we will always remember!

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Italy's Forgotten Earthquake


Narrated by Oscar-Nominee actor Danny Aiello

Our second collaboration with director Robert Corna, this documentary centers around the lives of those impacted by a devastating earthquake in LA` Aquila Italy that has seemingly been "forgotten" in the midst of other tragedies. 

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We can't say enough about our journey through this album, we were just starting to write for the orchestra and we often travel back to this point of pure unbiased creation. The title track "Imagine" was our first piece written specifically for the orchestra. 

Read more about Imagine HERE

Available on iTunes

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Tiny Tears


Narrated by Danny Glover

This award-winning documentary feature tells the story of AIDS orphans across the globe, a tale of hope overcoming tragedy. Tiny Tears premiered at the United Nations World Headquarters in NYC.

2009 PIFF - Best Documentary Feature – WINNER
2009 West Hollywood Film Festival – Honorable Mention
2009 CIFF – Official Selection