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Marty: A Wild West Neverland

An award-winning short film with an all child cast set in the dark and gritty world of Sugarville.  This was our first collaboration with director Vu Huang, Visit for more info.

Marty Official Trailer - Music By Andrew and Jared DePolo

(2015) Marty: A Wildwest Neverland
Director: Vu Hoang

2016 Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival - WINNER Best Action/Thriller (March)
2016 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival - WINNER Best Action /Thriller
2016 Wild Bunch Film Festival - WINNER Best Short Film
2016 Holly Shorts - Official Selection
2016 International Family Film Festiva - Official Selection

It was a treat writing for this wonderful film and working with director Vu Hoang to enhance his creative vision for Marty. When we were approached by Vu to score his film, we were instantly intrigued by the concept of an all-children cast in the western setting of "Sugarville". Upon viewing the first cut we were immediately hooked watching the opening scene with main characters Marty and Dee running across the desert playing "Bandits and Sheriffs" - we felt like kids again. The is one of our favorites from the score - we had at least 10 working versions until we finally got the feeling we were going for. This was the only moment we could draw on the emotion of a child, as the film takes a drastic turn and Marty is forced to overcome evil and save his love. We also composed the music for the trailer which you can view above!

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