Our passion for the orchestra runs deep, it’s Indescribable.

Words do not do it justice. The only thing that can is listening.

Let the music take you where it needs to take you, to a place in your heart. Maybe you’ve been sheltered from this place? Or maybe you’ve forgotten what this place is like?

Our wish is to take you there, where the heart is free and the music is flowing. It’s beautiful and it points to something greater…

We invite you into this place – our heart – where the feeling burns so bright and the only way to get it out is through music.

And that’s why we love the orchestra – the pallete and freedom it grants us is endless. When we are conducting something overtakes us. The passion grows and we can’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotion. It’s beautiful…it’s powerful…it’s loving. Suddenly nothing else matters, but the music...

From our heart to yours, This is Cry of the King.